Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain and Moral Crisis at the Gabriel Brothers Register

Umbrella, Jeans and Shoes - ModCloth

Top - Gabes

Glasses - New and Badass

It's raining today. It doesn't really matter though because I took this picture inside. I like this umbrella, it was pretty cheap and its adorable. The size is so much more tolerable then your average umbrella. I cant stand purse umbrellas because they never warn you that you're still effed when the umbrella gets wet. You aint putting that back in your purse.

The shirt I have on was purchased at Gabriel Brothers. In my attempts to find a size large, I must have chosen a top without a tag. When I got to the checkout the lady asked me how much it was. Knowing very well that it was $7.99, I told her I didn't remember so she rang it up for the same price as the other tank that I got, which was $2.99. While its true that the cashier could have just done a price check, I knew there was a 50/50 chance she'd be too lazy to check. I'm going to hell.

When frugal turns evil and calculated!

As for this outfit, I'm really pleased with floral, lace and stonewash together. It's a pretty nice contrast. Comin' straight out of California Dreams.

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