Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Lots - Odd Lots

Sunglasses - Big Lots (seriously)
Jacket - Max Azria
Shirt - ModCloth
Belt - Chinese Laundry

So I was wandering through the Big Lots the other day to purchase low priced "Hooters Energy Drinks" and I found these sunglasses for $2.00 dollars. $2.00 EFFING DOLLARS. Considering the economically devastated past of Pittsburgh, I tend to be quite frugal with my fashion.

I find the best things at the most random places. For example: Rainbow, Kings Collection and Family Dollar (YES, Family Dollar). I'm always so pumped when a girl in $300 dollar shoes tells me she loves the 4 dollar belt I have on.

Working for fashion can be a bit tricky, since I'm tempted to buy expensive things constantly. Sometimes I do, and I think you should too. It's always nice to treat yourself. There's just something so much more rewarding about finding something like these glasses that are so badass, but so very inexpensive!

The moral of this story is: Don't be too pretentious to roll up in a big lots. Pull out a step ladder to let you down from your high horse and start bargain shopping!!!


  1. ooooh! Fashion in the 'burgh!

    btw. my all-time favorite sunglasses are from the Dollar Store.

    (and I also found a dress that is sold on ModCloth at Gabes once. Bought it for $12. shh...)

  2. Wow!!! never heard of ModCloth but why would'nt you buy from biglots they have lots of nice things like those End Tables with the glass tops and the game on the inside

  3. I shop at big lots quite often! I like their old slogan, "Big Lots, Odd Lots!"