Friday, March 26, 2010

Future Bea Arthur Robot Warrior

Dress and Shoes - ModCloth
Sunglasses - Big Lots does it again!

This dress makes me feel like a future bea arthur robot warrior from heaven. It's a bit short, but I still love it (as most of you know, short is of no consequence to me). I'm really happy with it!

Like I said, the Strip is a great place to take photos. They'll be a lot of pub photos up on the ModStylist fan page in a week or so, but this one couldn't wait! The green outside this pub is just amazing. Also, that dress was on SIZALE! 29.99! Booyah.

These shoes are also my favorite new shoes. They've got that whole biker nomad feel that I just love right now! William Rast used a lot of this theme in his Fall 2010 line. I'd be a lot happier without oxford style shoe on everything. I'd totally wear all of these looks with my shoes:

I'm done, peace out bitches.

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