Monday, June 21, 2010

White party and new phone!

Blazer $7 Rainbow
Top $5 Rainbow
Skirt $7 Rainbow
Pearls $1 St. Vincent De Pauls
Gold Chain Pearls $2 St. Vincent De Pauls
Fishnets $3 Rainbow
NOT PICTURED - White Pumps $3 North Versailles Flea Market

Total outfit cost $28 Dollars.

MY CELL PHONE TAKES AWFUL PICTURES FROM HELL. I didn't get any other photos of me this night because I forgot my camera. BUT - the city press was there so there might be some photos from that.

This Outfit was so cheap! The things I got from rainbow were great with the exception of the fishnets. They kinda fell apart cause I'm too tall after about 5 hours. I'd pay 3 bucks to wear white fishnets again though. It's hard to find tights long enough for me.

The vintage items are also SO AWESOME. They were all perfect for the outfit and cost less than 3 dollars a piece!

The Gold necklace from a certain vintage inspired website I used to work for has been worn in a few other photos looks awesome, but two of the chians snapped off already and it gets tangled all the time. I also received it in a big tangled up ball at the bottom of giant zip lock bag. For $39.99, I really wouldn't suggest it. Thats more than this entire outfit and it's bullshit that something that fell apart in less than a month cost that much.

Well, since this photo sucks so much and I broke my cell phone charger, I got a new phone!

I'm gonna be on the internet constantly. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Casual Tuesday

Top: Forever21 (online) $10
Tank: Forever21 (online) $2.50
Necklace: some website that I will not be endorsing, but will continue to wear the discounted goods purchased from it. $ Too Damn Much
Jeans: Monroeville Gabrielle Brothers on Rt. 22, YMI I believe, too lazy to check $8
Shoes: RT 51 salvation Army Thrift Store $2

It's my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Marcella!

First up, the outfit:

Today is Casual Tuesday, since I am currently unemployed. I like my outfit. Nautical stripes and the casual boat shoes work with that gigantic 9 locket necklace.

The Grey Jeans compliment the white and black in the shirt and the blue joins the red in my shoes for a splash of color. It's pretty balanced and pretty comfortable. That necklace is stupid loud though.

This Forever 21 striped top works well with a lot of things, casual or a little dressy. It's also really comfortable and figure flattering due to the cut. While raving over this shirt I just looked down and realized I got spaghetti sauce on it. FML....

Second matter of business, beats...

So to make good use of my time today I downloaded Fruity Loops and decided to lay some beats. I'm getting the hang of it:

NEWBEAT4 by Ravan Alexandra

I'm also working on getting virtual dj. I'm going to do a long summer of djing and having fun if I can't find a job quickly.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 Albums - 10 Outfits

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Day I Dressed like a Parking Lot and More Big Lots Sunglasses!

Dress and shoes: ModCloth
Tights: Payless (what what?!?!)
Skirt: Forever 21 (totally already in one of these, likely the sailor one)
Sunglasses: Big Lots

When Chelsey and I came outside today to take photos, we noticed I matched everything in the parking lot. It was very convenient, emergency halloween costume even. I really enjoy this dress, I got it on sale at ModCloth!

I have two very important things to say about cheap stuff:

1. These tights are from Payless. They were 2.99. They are one of the most durable tights I have and they are a super unique grey, which is rad.

2. These sunglasses are another badass $2.00 Big Lots find. I couldnt believe I found a pair of navy aviators to match my navy skirt I had on that day. I just wanted to kiss them but they were all dirty and big lots gross, they needed a dusting before wearing...

So I have 6 cool lessons of the day: Sales are cool, discount stores are cool, having more money to do cool things in your cool clothes is cooler. Say cool 6 times in a sentence. I dare you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lets Go Pens

I always figured if i got the chance to go to another pens game i'd be the hottest dressed there. This would be the shit. Its over the top and absolutely ridiculous, but no one would quite as high class!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion likes Adam Ant right now...

If you don't know who Adam Ant is, you should find out.

Top Three Albums:

Kings of the Wild Frontier
Prince Charming
Dirk Wears White Sox

My Own Polyvore Profile!

I've been making style boards for my job for a while now, but i decided to make my own profile.

Here's my first set! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

*eff* you Miley Cyrus

Pants, scarf - ModCloth


I hate you Miley Cyrus. I hate you for making clothes with Max Azria for Walmart that I like. Either I'm getting old and I cant tell what sucks anymore, or this shirt is the shit.

Walmart usually doesn't engage in things like, spandex, zippers or an item fitting properly. Imagine my surprise when I found this top on clearance for 3 dollars at the local Walmart while I was filling my spazzy hyper kid drug prescription.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but I might start looking for clearance items at walmart more...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dressing like a Peacock and so-called "seasonal" color hullabaloo.

Dress, shoes, necklace - ModCloth
Tights - Chinese Laundry

So I'm wearing purple, navy, hunter green and peacock feathers. Some would say I look like a mascot for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air college. I would say that I look dope.

Some would also say that these dark rich colors are winter colors. I would say, you need to get a life. I will NEVER understand why certain colors are for certain seasons unless you spend a lot of time outside. I understand dark colors attract sunlight, but which of you are loading up on foundation strapping on heels and going for a walk in the park?

I say, (with the exception of marathon runners and street vendors) wear what looks good on you. Mix it up. Season shmeason, its just another way to compartmentalize fashion, which is also stupid. What looks def? That's all I'm concerned with.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm sorry - but I can't get behind jeans under dresses.

Dress, Scarf and Shoes - ModCloth
Leggings - Gabes

Dresses are always too short when you're 5'10. Its like my only other option is a Maxi Dress and I decided NOT to follow Phish on tour this year, so I'm good on that. Ive decided that spandex, tights, leggings anything solid is a great alternative to being a slut in your short dress.

I am NOT a fan of this jeans under dresses thing. With the exception of jeans leggings, you'll never see a pair of jeans under my dress. You wear jeans when you DONT want to wear a dress. Make a damn decision. I doubt Im ever going to budge on this.

My immediate apologies to whoever this is, its just the first thing that came up on google, but YOU LOOK STUPID. Wear pants or a dress - please.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dressed like a Hipster Sailor!

Skirt and top - Forever 21
Tights and Belt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - ModCloth

So, I tried to avoid it. I tried to say, no, you won't see me dressed like a nautical asshole from hell. Unfortunately, I've given in. All i need is an anchor brooch and I'll be good to go! this one. It's the SOS Brooch from ModCloth. With these glasses i feel like the Navy Submarine Hot Radar Girl! I know this is a little more Ralph Lauren meets Vintage than it is Yacht Rock...and I'm happy about that!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Belts Over Cardigans - My New Favorite.

I noticed that Chelsey was also wearing a belt over her cardigan today (I actually like her outfit much more than mine) so I decided to write a blog about it. I'm really into this look, it also keeps your dumbass cardigan in place if its over sized or just not the perfect fit for you.

I also hate how a cardigan can make a girl look frumpy or just plain unattractive. This gives a girl some sexy with a cute outfit! I am also hip-less which means that a belt over a cardigan gives me artificial hourglass figure! I think this look would be great for almost anyone, big, tall, skinny, hugeboobs, whatever. It looks good.

Also, Check out these killer boots I'm wearing with this outfit. They were more expensive than my usual purchases. Now you know why I have to bargain shop so much, cause I blow my load on shoes.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rain and Moral Crisis at the Gabriel Brothers Register

Umbrella, Jeans and Shoes - ModCloth

Top - Gabes

Glasses - New and Badass

It's raining today. It doesn't really matter though because I took this picture inside. I like this umbrella, it was pretty cheap and its adorable. The size is so much more tolerable then your average umbrella. I cant stand purse umbrellas because they never warn you that you're still effed when the umbrella gets wet. You aint putting that back in your purse.

The shirt I have on was purchased at Gabriel Brothers. In my attempts to find a size large, I must have chosen a top without a tag. When I got to the checkout the lady asked me how much it was. Knowing very well that it was $7.99, I told her I didn't remember so she rang it up for the same price as the other tank that I got, which was $2.99. While its true that the cashier could have just done a price check, I knew there was a 50/50 chance she'd be too lazy to check. I'm going to hell.

When frugal turns evil and calculated!

As for this outfit, I'm really pleased with floral, lace and stonewash together. It's a pretty nice contrast. Comin' straight out of California Dreams.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Death of the Faux Hawk and New Glasses.

First of all, the faux hawk is officially uncool due to it's appearance on the head of George Lopez.

Pardon the terrible cell phone picture.

I got new glasses. For the first time in my life I decided to treat myself and get what I want. I like these a lot, they're Norman Childs. They're pretty much way cooler than you.

That's all for now. Goodnite!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Future Bea Arthur Robot Warrior

Dress and Shoes - ModCloth
Sunglasses - Big Lots does it again!

This dress makes me feel like a future bea arthur robot warrior from heaven. It's a bit short, but I still love it (as most of you know, short is of no consequence to me). I'm really happy with it!

Like I said, the Strip is a great place to take photos. They'll be a lot of pub photos up on the ModStylist fan page in a week or so, but this one couldn't wait! The green outside this pub is just amazing. Also, that dress was on SIZALE! 29.99! Booyah.

These shoes are also my favorite new shoes. They've got that whole biker nomad feel that I just love right now! William Rast used a lot of this theme in his Fall 2010 line. I'd be a lot happier without oxford style shoe on everything. I'd totally wear all of these looks with my shoes:

I'm done, peace out bitches.

Strip District Rocks for Photos!

ERRRRVRYTHING I have on is from ModCloth except for the tights. I got those at Rainbow! All the ModCloth clothes are also sale items :)

So I was walking in the strip district last week with some girls that I work with, and its becoming increasingly more obvious that the strip is DA BOMB for taking pictures. It's like an industrial wonderland from heaven.

There are so many great angles, buildings and just straight up run down what have you, that you could take pictures here for weeks and weeks and never run out of locations! There is one downside, skeevy truck drivers and warehouse workers who have never seen sassy girls in their life.

Today we're going to 31st street pub to get some photos in. They should be up soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Lots - Odd Lots

Sunglasses - Big Lots (seriously)
Jacket - Max Azria
Shirt - ModCloth
Belt - Chinese Laundry

So I was wandering through the Big Lots the other day to purchase low priced "Hooters Energy Drinks" and I found these sunglasses for $2.00 dollars. $2.00 EFFING DOLLARS. Considering the economically devastated past of Pittsburgh, I tend to be quite frugal with my fashion.

I find the best things at the most random places. For example: Rainbow, Kings Collection and Family Dollar (YES, Family Dollar). I'm always so pumped when a girl in $300 dollar shoes tells me she loves the 4 dollar belt I have on.

Working for fashion can be a bit tricky, since I'm tempted to buy expensive things constantly. Sometimes I do, and I think you should too. It's always nice to treat yourself. There's just something so much more rewarding about finding something like these glasses that are so badass, but so very inexpensive!

The moral of this story is: Don't be too pretentious to roll up in a big lots. Pull out a step ladder to let you down from your high horse and start bargain shopping!!!