Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dressing like a Peacock and so-called "seasonal" color hullabaloo.

Dress, shoes, necklace - ModCloth
Tights - Chinese Laundry

So I'm wearing purple, navy, hunter green and peacock feathers. Some would say I look like a mascot for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air college. I would say that I look dope.

Some would also say that these dark rich colors are winter colors. I would say, you need to get a life. I will NEVER understand why certain colors are for certain seasons unless you spend a lot of time outside. I understand dark colors attract sunlight, but which of you are loading up on foundation strapping on heels and going for a walk in the park?

I say, (with the exception of marathon runners and street vendors) wear what looks good on you. Mix it up. Season shmeason, its just another way to compartmentalize fashion, which is also stupid. What looks def? That's all I'm concerned with.

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