Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Day I Dressed like a Parking Lot and More Big Lots Sunglasses!

Dress and shoes: ModCloth
Tights: Payless (what what?!?!)
Skirt: Forever 21 (totally already in one of these, likely the sailor one)
Sunglasses: Big Lots

When Chelsey and I came outside today to take photos, we noticed I matched everything in the parking lot. It was very convenient, emergency halloween costume even. I really enjoy this dress, I got it on sale at ModCloth!

I have two very important things to say about cheap stuff:

1. These tights are from Payless. They were 2.99. They are one of the most durable tights I have and they are a super unique grey, which is rad.

2. These sunglasses are another badass $2.00 Big Lots find. I couldnt believe I found a pair of navy aviators to match my navy skirt I had on that day. I just wanted to kiss them but they were all dirty and big lots gross, they needed a dusting before wearing...

So I have 6 cool lessons of the day: Sales are cool, discount stores are cool, having more money to do cool things in your cool clothes is cooler. Say cool 6 times in a sentence. I dare you.

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