Monday, June 21, 2010

White party and new phone!

Blazer $7 Rainbow
Top $5 Rainbow
Skirt $7 Rainbow
Pearls $1 St. Vincent De Pauls
Gold Chain Pearls $2 St. Vincent De Pauls
Fishnets $3 Rainbow
NOT PICTURED - White Pumps $3 North Versailles Flea Market

Total outfit cost $28 Dollars.

MY CELL PHONE TAKES AWFUL PICTURES FROM HELL. I didn't get any other photos of me this night because I forgot my camera. BUT - the city press was there so there might be some photos from that.

This Outfit was so cheap! The things I got from rainbow were great with the exception of the fishnets. They kinda fell apart cause I'm too tall after about 5 hours. I'd pay 3 bucks to wear white fishnets again though. It's hard to find tights long enough for me.

The vintage items are also SO AWESOME. They were all perfect for the outfit and cost less than 3 dollars a piece!

The Gold necklace from a certain vintage inspired website I used to work for has been worn in a few other photos looks awesome, but two of the chians snapped off already and it gets tangled all the time. I also received it in a big tangled up ball at the bottom of giant zip lock bag. For $39.99, I really wouldn't suggest it. Thats more than this entire outfit and it's bullshit that something that fell apart in less than a month cost that much.

Well, since this photo sucks so much and I broke my cell phone charger, I got a new phone!

I'm gonna be on the internet constantly. :)

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