Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Casual Tuesday

Top: Forever21 (online) $10
Tank: Forever21 (online) $2.50
Necklace: some website that I will not be endorsing, but will continue to wear the discounted goods purchased from it. $ Too Damn Much
Jeans: Monroeville Gabrielle Brothers on Rt. 22, YMI I believe, too lazy to check $8
Shoes: RT 51 salvation Army Thrift Store $2

It's my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Marcella!

First up, the outfit:

Today is Casual Tuesday, since I am currently unemployed. I like my outfit. Nautical stripes and the casual boat shoes work with that gigantic 9 locket necklace.

The Grey Jeans compliment the white and black in the shirt and the blue joins the red in my shoes for a splash of color. It's pretty balanced and pretty comfortable. That necklace is stupid loud though.

This Forever 21 striped top works well with a lot of things, casual or a little dressy. It's also really comfortable and figure flattering due to the cut. While raving over this shirt I just looked down and realized I got spaghetti sauce on it. FML....

Second matter of business, beats...

So to make good use of my time today I downloaded Fruity Loops and decided to lay some beats. I'm getting the hang of it:

NEWBEAT4 by Ravan Alexandra

I'm also working on getting virtual dj. I'm going to do a long summer of djing and having fun if I can't find a job quickly.

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  1. You have a sister? I like that outfit lady!